08 June 2010

Dennys Photo Gallery: Wonderful Father Photos

*** Enjoy fathers when they are funny, serious and worrying about their children, obliging to carry them on their shoulders and to give them their strong hand in Life.

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Father Time

From Denny: Those men who are fathers may be fathers in a conventional sense or mentors to younger brothers and sisters, neighbor kids or as sometime fathers as boyfriends of a child's mother. Male nurturing is as important as female nurturing when we are growing up trying to figure out our place in the world. It always help to have a support group from adults who care.

Whomever your true father was in this world, be it your natural father, your stepfather or even your grandfather, think of the good he gave you this Father's Day and honor him with a heartfelt thought. Instead of focusing upon those who did not step up, focus upon gratitude for those who did honor us with their love. Have a great Father's Day!

Father and daughter photo by apdk @ flickr

Photo by *clairity* @ flickr

Photo by pipitdapo @ flickr

Photo by mikebaird @ flickr

Photo by kwanie @ flickr

The things father's do for their kids photo by emdot @ flickr

Photo by Shirley Buxton @ flickr

Photo by h.koppdelaney @ flickr

Funny Changed Photo by AndYaDontStop @ flickr

Photo of father and sun at sunset by LoriConte @ flickr

Father and his 5 daughters waving shadows by Pink Sherbet Photography @ flickr

Dad making us smile by making faces photo by e-magic @ flickr

I Love You Photo by YaDontStop @ flickr

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