05 June 2010

Funny Summer Heatwave Cartoons - 5 June 2010

*** Check out the hilarious cartoons celebrating getting our brains fried in the summer heat - and our better judgment! :)

From Denny: The first cartoon says it all. How we all long for the days of ancient Greece when you could walk around naked as a jay bird because of the blistering heat. At the very least, who the heck wants to wear socks and shoes in hot weather? Boycott the corporate dress code!

And there's those little fantasies in our delirious heads when the excessive head cooks our brains. The crazy ideas that comes into our heads of thinking where we could be instead of where we are. Ah, summer... :)

Check out the best this week from the nation's equally delirious cartoonists suffering from the summer heat.

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Summer Heatwave photo by Mr. T in DC @ flickr

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