24 July 2009

Summer Dreams: Dream Butterfly

Dream Butterfly, originally uploaded by zenera.

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From the photographer:

Dream Butterfly

They loved the raspberry flowers


Yellow Strings » Dream Butterfly

When i'm feeling down, when i'm feeling blue. There's only one thing that I
ca--an do!
It's the only thi-ng that get me higher,
It's the only thi-ng that lift my spirits!
I'm a butterfly, flyin away---
I'm going higher and higher,
I'm taking myself on a dream-- bu-uterfly!
When i take a ride on my butterfly,
I can take my self anywhere I pleeeez!
Whe I get higher and my srpirits are lifted,
i take myself, back down to Earth!
I say goodbye to my butterfly and walk away with my head, thrown up high!

Uploaded by zenera on 28 Aug 06, 9.46AM CDT.

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