19 June 2010

BP Oil Slicked Animals: Outrage Cartoons - 19 June 2010

*** Check out the latest fallout from America's cartoonists about the BP oil spill.

From Denny: I live in Louisiana where we treasure our wildlife, especially our beautiful water birds like the pelicans. Thanks to the depraved indifference of BP and their arrogant CEO Tony Hayward, these birds are dying off. We just took the Brown Pelican off the endangered list this year. People worked for a decade to grow their numbers and help them in the wild. So much hard work destroyed in one greed oiled moment.

You will want to click on the links to my other blog posts of this week's political cartoons to learn more about how BP is damaging the Gulf - soon to come your way any where in the world. If someone does not get serious about cleaning up this mess quickly - and on a gargantuan scale - we will have dead oceans around the globe.

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*** BP Flag Photo by FellowCreative @ flickr

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