25 June 2010

Dennys Photo Gallery: Fourth of July Watermelon

*** Enjoy funny photos of the favorite fruit of The Fourth of July celebration!

From Denny: Many of these photos are funny tongue in cheek that will make you grin. Others are beautiful creative ways to photograph this huge bounty from Mother Nature. When the summer sun is high, the air hot and humid and we are so very thirsty for refreshment: watermelon!

*** And not to be missed is the Libations Friday poem over at The Social Poets: Fourth of July When Life is Simple

Funny watermelon house by NCinDC @ flickr

Square watermelon by Torley @ flickr

Watermelon nails by dreamglow pumpkincat210 @ flickr

Farmers Market watermelons by La Grande Farmers' Market @ flickr

Carved watermelon by victoriapeckham @ flickr

Clever carved watermelon by GGurpreet @ flickr

Louisiana Creole watermelon martini by mkorcuska @ flickr

Fancy watermelon served by Puck777 @ flickr

Glory of the watermelon rind by theilr @ flickr

Watermelon quarter close up by ccharmon @ flickr

Watermelon on ice by quinn.anya @ flickr

Watermelon keys by Torley @ flickr

Watermelon cookies by Torley @ flickr

Watermelon slices by moreno0101 @ flickr

Watermelon still life by purpleslog @ flickr

Pink watermelon by Esther Gibbons @ flickr

Watermelon seeds by Muffet @ flickr

"Flutter-bye" on watermelon enjoying the sugar by puliarf @ flickr

Eating watermelon with gusto by Jonf729 @ flickr

Watermelon on the sky by mfrascella @ flickr

Why watermelons? graphic by Torley @ flickr

Fourth of July fireworks at Pismo Beach, California by puliarf @ flickr

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*** Have a Happy Fourth of July!!!

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