04 June 2010

Just Plain Funny: Silly Animal Photos

*** Funny cats and dog photos loving us anyway. :)

From Denny: We animal lovers can be brutal when it comes to loving on our pets. They take the abuse of "family portrait" photography. They get dressed up in ridiculous costumes for Halloween and Mardi Gras. They love us anyway in spite of our eccentricities. Get a grin at these adorable pets as they grin and bear us!

Silly Dogs:

Kissy Face by Beverly & Pack @ flickr

Taco Dog

Taco Dog wrapped up in a blanket and loving it. Photo by jeffhillphoto.com @ flickr

Mr. Black in his Chicken Costume

Mr. Black in his Chicken Costume. Photo by Lollie Dot Com @ flickr

ralph- hbw

Ralph the chick magnet Photo by greenkozi @ flickr

The Easter Boxer

The Easter Boxer Photo by boxercab @ flickr

yoda dog

Oh, Great One Yoda Photo by Foxtongue @ flickr

Lucas Meets Bolt

Lucas dog meets animated dog Bolt Photo by edwick @ flickr

Super & Perro

Super and Perro Photo by prawnpie @ flickr


I laughed ^_^ Photo by Kay Vee INC @ flickr

Silly Wabbit:

Piggy over the Stupid Bunny

Piggy over stupid bunny series Photo by Kappa Wayfarer @ flickr

Silly Cats:


Granny cat. Photo by Kettukusu @ flickr

"I'm all right, Honest!" Feeling Content

"I'm all right! Honest!" Photo by recubejim @ flickr


Mmmm that sure tasted good purring Photo by milky way @ flickr


Cute kitten Tigerlily Photo by Laura Burlton @ flickr


My scary face for Halloween Photo by photodude888 @ flickr

Come in here right meowwwww! Photo by Andrew Ciscel @ flickr

Lassanya en verano / Lassanya in summer time

These new sunglasses make me sleep Photo by Moni @ flickr

Kitten Kung Fu by raindog @ flickr

Refrigerate After Opening

Refrigerate after opening or on your ACT test it's a multiple choice that says, "Which one does not belong?" Photo by Meggito @ flickr

*** See also one more funny, a dog video of a singin' and piano playin' fool:

Funny Video: Zeek the Dog Plays Piano and Sings

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