26 June 2009

Tutorial: Eerie Eye Photo Manipulation

Photo by xerolime at sxc.hu.com

From Denny: Here's a creepy but cool tutorial in PhotoShop to get you ready for Halloween in a few months! :)

This is from a friend over at MyBlogLog, PhotoShop Star.

Here's an excerpt from the easy step by step tutorial:

"Open up the stock photo you’ve chosen to be working with for this tutorial. Duplicate it once (just in case!) Find and get out the Burn Tool, change the range/mode for it to ‘midtones’ and set the opacity to something light-medium.

Using the burn tool now, pass in turn of the pupil of the eye and in turn of the eye. Now get out the Dodge Tool and set the mode to midtones again. Use the dodge tool to lighten up the pupil and also among where you used the burn tool to darken."

That was step one. For the rest of the article just click on the title link to take you there, enjoy and have some fun!

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