23 June 2009

People: a conversation with my father

From Denny: This is a wonderful photo full of imagination and meaning thru the symbolism. All Rights Reserved for this photographer. To view in larger format to see all the detail just click on the link under the photo to take you to her flickr page. Great photo!

From the photographer:

"Based on the story "A Conversation with my Father" by Grace Paley.

This one is for my dad, in a way. I incorporated the clock for two reasons. One, because in the story the narrator is sitting with her father who has little time to live. Another because I feel like I just ran out of time with my father since I moved away. I wanted to make this one more fantastic because in the story her father asks her to tell a story his way and she just can't do it. I wanted to be sleeping with the clock because even though I may have run out of time with my dad physically, I feel secure in the thought that he is always guiding me.

Uploaded by brookeshaden on 6 Feb 09, 6.38PM CDT."

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