12 July 2011

Dennys Photo Gallery: Funny Monkeys Make You Smile

From Denny: Well, not all of them actually qualify as real monkeys but hey, stretch your imagination and enjoy their antics as they mug for the camera!  I've been collecting these funny and cute photos for a couple of weeks now.

Would have had them up sooner for you but the computer crashed and had to replace it.  When I got back up online yet another surprise:  Blogger decided to make a gazillion changes to "blogger in draft" and the bugs are still not worked out for bloggers.  They have some great ideas and are offering some wonderful new gadgets and different features as you post.

But for now they have slowed me down to two or three posts a day because it's like swimming through mud waiting for the draft to accept everything.  I sure will be glad when it's all worked out and I can get back to seven posts or more a day!  Until then, get some smiles from these cute monkeys, both human and animal.

squirrel monkey

This is what I think of my really horrible boss at work photo by floridapfe @ flickr


Beer drinking monkeys photo by DeviantJokes01 @ flickr

Funny monkey

The Scream, Monkey Version photo by Alexander_br @ flickr

Squirrel monkeys vs capybara

Cute squirrel monkeys hitching a ride on a capybara huge rodent photo by Ethan Hein @ flickr


Just hangin' with my peeps in Bali photo by P Villerius @ flickr

3 monkeys in a row

People monkeys hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil photo by redphayze @ flickr

Funny - monkey tattoo on belly

A TMI crazy monkey belly tattoo - what was he thinking? photo by stuzee @ flickr

Monkey Belly Tattoo

Another Silly Monkey Belly Tattoo photo by TeddyBare @ flickr

Shut up Bush

Shut Up, Bush! monkey photo by Super Cozi, photo in Germany. For those that don't know... it was general consensus at the time, especially among American women, that they thought Bush looked like a weird monkey.

The monkey who saw too much (Part 2/4), Pura Luhur Uluwatu - Bali

Wow, you are one pretty lady under there! photo by theblackstar @ flickr, Indonesia

Monkey Business

A guy has to stay hydrated in 100-degree heat photo by arbind lochan @ flickr


Practicing my rock concert scream photo by georgetiew @ flickr

We Are Not Pickin' On Him, Mom!

No Bullying Allowed! photo by PelicanPete @ flickr

look at my armpits / olhe minhas axilas

I'm too sexy for my armpits! photo by Wagner Machado Carlos Lemes @ flickr


Smile a little wider for the camera, please photo by dudemjk @ flickr

Monkeying around

You dressed me up with a stuffed monkey: why? says Basil the dog photo by ApplesInMyBra @ flickr

Monkeying around - Outtake

I told you I was too old for stuffed animals outtake photo by ApplesInMyBra @ flickr


Humans do it, smoking monkey photo by dudemjk @ flickr


Does my mommy know you are here? photo by Nick-K @ flickr


FYI, that food you just gave me tasted nasty! photo by dudemjk @ flickr


So? My ear itches photo by shidewang @ flickr

Hitman Monkey Drowns Boy

Hitman Monkey Drowns Boy photo by Shirley Two Feathers @ flickr

Monkey man

Monkey Man photo by Petra Cross @ flickr

Tired, Funny Monkeys - aka Andre & Ryan

Tired, funny monkeys photo by MsnotMr @flickr

world upside down?

Photographer monkey photo by gtvone @ flickr

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