08 June 2009

Photography Locations Part 3

Puffins on the Isle of MayPuffins on Isle of May Image by kfjmiller via Flickr

Photography Locations Part 3: "A beautiful island located in Scotland's Firth of Forth, the Isle of May is a true delight for bird lovers, nature lovers, artists and photographers alike. Like bees seeking nectar, day trippers swarm to the island and spread out in search of their own spiritual nourishment.

The Isle of May is indeed a sanctuary for our modern day souls. First used by monks in the ninth century, the island has now been reclaimed by nature and provides a home for millions of sea birds, but perhaps most notably the puffin.

With crags and cliffs that rise 150ft from the sea, the dramatic coastline of the tiny island of May is bedecked with thousands of nesting fulmar, kittiwake, shag, and numerous other sea birds. The rocky plateau atop the island is pocked with puffin burrows and strewn with clumps of white sea campion, grasses, mosses, sedges and lichens. Drifts of pink thrift nestle into craggy crevices and all around there is evidence of Man's worship and reverence for this beautiful place."

By Aunty @ HubPages

From Denny: Interesting read about a wildlife sanctuary in Scotland that is a delight for photographers. She also informs you as to what to bring and how best to photograph in that situation. Gorgeous photos too!

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