17 April 2009

Animals: They're So Vain

They're So Vain, originally uploaded by Back in the Pack.

This is too funny!

All Rights Reserved for this photographer.

"They're So Vain
I'm going to admit that it's rather difficult to get 6 labs to sit for a photo (we couldn't wrangle the 7th and the 8th showed up just as we were finishing) during regular daycare hours. Even with the other dogs in the front room to limit the distractions it was an effort.

Maybe with a few more treats, a little more time, better lighting, wardrobe and make-up I think we could have come up with something stronger. But what the heck, this is in the middle of a dog daycare on Lab Friday. What are you going to do?

BTW, it was Ben, Olive & Rio's birthday this week (they're in there, honest). Happy birthday guys!"

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