08 May 2010

Funny Love-Hate Relationships of Fox News, Republicans, Tea Party, Airlines and Obama Cartoons - 8 May 2010

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From Denny: Those crazy elections in Britain this week have yet to yield a leader to run the country. How are they going to resolve this crazy three way tie? The eyes of the world are watching, hoping they can create a stable government. Otherwise, the financial world markets just might go into a tail spin and no one needs that mess.

Fox News continues to be Prez Obama's mindless nemesis, annoying just about everyone who is busy changing the channel to avoid them. The whole country is in an uproar over chaotic economic times, weak job recovery and uncertain times. While for the first time in four years almost 300,000 jobs were added to the economy, it still is a drop in the bucket to the millions that were lost and yet to be replaced.

Gas prices remain too high for faster economic recovery even though demand is seriously down. Turns out Wall Street and the oil companies have kept the gas prices at the pump artificially high and that has angered the public. Big Business is actually considering raising the prices higher to the $5 mark per gallon come summer driving and holiday periods. Who are these people and can I make a citizen's arrest?

It doesn't help that the airline industry continues to stick it to us with idiot fees that continue out of control. One thing the government has done right recently is to no longer allow the airlines to hold their passengers hostage on the tarmac beyond a three hour window.

The Tea Baggers and the Republicans are marching on with crazy rhetoric, wrapping themselves in the flag, declaring who is and who isn't patriotic enough to live in America.

And college grads are bewildered as to what they will do to land a job in this weak economy. Their nearly bankrupt grandparents are sucking up the oxygen and declaring squatters' rights in the entry level jobs usually given to college grads.

Republicans as the Party of No, Not Now, Not Ever:

How frustrated the country is with Congress and Big Business taking advantage of us:

The new Tea Party Howl call for the Republicans:

Airlines and Big Business sticking it to the public with excessive fees:

But will the limited small minds of Fox News ever shut up and actually listen to understand?

Hello, American mortgage crisis...

No Big Brother looking over my shoulder to tell me what to do... until we need him to kick out the immigrants...

The terrible economy and job market meeting this year's college grads:

How technology and tech companies began so innocently and yet over time have grown into unmanageable monsters:

Crazy 3 Way Tie in British Elections. How will they ever run that country?

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