27 July 2010

Dennys Photo Gallery: Summer Heat Wave

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*** Our unusual record-setting summer heat wave around the globe seen through the eyes of every day photographers: you.

NASA satellite view of Spain during summer heat wave (11 June 2010) by NASA Goddard Photo and Video @ flickr

White Heat by Gamma-Ray Productions @ flickr

Old public phone in the summer heat photo by Robb North @ flickr

Hot dog panting in the heat by jimf0390 @ flickr

Lemonade ready for the heat wave by Muffet @ flickr

Heat Wave newspaper headline by Johnny Jet @ flickr

Cars in the summer heat by SarahCartwright @ flickr

Sun sets in the wires by mnsc @ flickr

It's Hot, Hot, Hot! by Randy Son Of Robert @ flickr

Side view mirror rush hour traffic by * Jerry * @ flickr

Heat Wave! by Mr. T in DC @ flickr

Red hot heat wave path by Micah A. Ponce @ flickr

Dreamin' Hot Air Balloon Rides by jesse.millan @ flickr

Grand Prismatic Hot Springs by OakleyOriginals @ flickr

I got the world in my view by kevindooley @ flickr

Cat on hot car roof by photogirl17 @ flickr

Off station mishap fire drill exercise by DVIDSHUB @ flickr

Very hot thermometer by saturnism @ flickr

Backlit fan by ToastyKen @ flickr

Summer day by mandamonium @ flickr

Summer fan by imsorrybrendan @ flickr

Heat wave: Kick open the fridge door for some cool! by thrp @ flickr

Up in the clouds by Valerie Everett @ flickr

Sweet as sugar on the summer swings photo by purplbutrfly @ flickr

Bird chat down at the watering hole photo by Johan Larsson @ flickr

Cool coca cola drink photo by spoony mushroom @ flickr

Beautiful summer sunset in Florida photo by Drew Coffman @ flickr

Cool dancing water by "The Wanderer's Eye" @ flickr

Beat the summer heat: citrus dip by "The Wanderer's Eye" @ flickr

*** When the heat index gets above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, be sure not to exercise strenuously in this heat, especially jogging or other hard exercise as there is a high risk of heart attack even if you are young. Keep those fluids flowing in and eat cold foods like ice cream to keep your body temp lower when you have to go out in the heat. The heart has to work over time when the heat rises this much so be sure to take it easy and take it slower to help your heart. Stay cool! :)

*** If you must exercise during a summer heat wave take some time and read this post on the latest study:

How To Exercise Effectively On A Hot Day: Drink A Slushie

*** Slushie photo by Gudlyf @ flickr

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