18 April 2009

Animals: Icelandic horses in North Holland

Icelandic horses in North Holland, originally uploaded by Bеn.

"The Icelandic horse is a breed of horse that has lived in Iceland since the mid-800s AD, having been brought to the island by Viking settlers. The Icelandic Horse originated from pony breeds taken from Scandinavian and European countries to Iceland during the original and subsequent settlements but has now been bred for centuries without the addition of outside bloodstock. Because they are often pony-sized, they are referred to as "Icelandic ponies" in some countries. However, in other places, the breed is considered a "horse" and to call it a "pony" may offend many breeders. Regardless of size or horse/pony designation, Icelandic horses can easily carry the weight of a grown adult. There are roughly 75,000 Icelandic horses in Iceland, and up until recently relatively few abroad."

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