19 April 2009

People: The Mysterious Case of Pepe, the Pepper.

People who love to play with their food taken to new heights! :)

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"The Mysterious Case of Pepe, the Pepper.
Pepe was a member of a small Green Pepper community in the countryside of Mexico… however… Pepe was different…he never felt he fitted the mildly manners of his fellow green peppers. Pepe was a temperamental and hot-headed pepper who really wanted to spice up his life! He had dreams and hopes that no one in his community understood.

But he didn’t mind. Simply because he always believed he could.

One day after a discussion with a friend, Pepe went to bed. When he woke up he was like this… half midly green, half hot red.

Dr. Scoville, the community doctor, couldn’t find a reasonable explanation. Ana Heim, the community leader insisted it was just a fever.

But Pepe knew better. He knew it was the dawn of his destiny. And so, against all advices, he left. He went to pursue his dreams… and maybe, just maybe… to finally find himself…

Pepe now lives in Avery Island, Louisiana. Works for Mc Ilhenny’s Co. Tabasco. And has recently married a beautiful and hot Jalapeña pepper. And even though they do have a few heated arguments, they are, indeed, very happy!

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