04 April 2009

People: Political Art

SCALA, originally uploaded by FrizzText.

"artful stairway in germany, the words on the stairs are describing the relationship between human beings: terror + love, prosecution + trust, despair + hope, revenge + kiss...

comment by paula moya:
political art at its best! Beautiful & and meaningful in many ways. The figures holding hands in spite of their blackened faces seem to add another element of the human condition besides those written on the steps: solidarity; and the white light at the top of the steps reiterates one that is already on the steps: hope.
1 - HANDKUSS = kissing her hand...
2 - TANZEN = to dance ...
3 - ZUNEIGUNG = attachment / sympathy
4 - VERLIEBEN = to fall in love
5 - SCHMACHTEN = longing for, to pine for
6 - VERFÜHRUNG = temptation
7 - ZUSAMMENKOMMEN = coming together"

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