28 July 2010

Music News - A Song Of Longing: Harmony to My Heartbeat

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*** Check out some excellent lyrics from the soft sweet voice of folk rock genre artist Sally Seltmann as she explores life as much as she explores her music.

Folk Rock Genre

From Denny: Music critics can be harsh on the new comers who do anything even remotely similar to something else done in the past. Yet that's how we build our music or art from generation to generation. An artist gets inspired by a technique - whether it's fine art painting or composing music. We lift it to play with it like a cat with catnip, figuring out how far we can push the technique, wondering how far it will go before we reach our final creative destination. We explore and play and wonder and while away some time until we hit on something that sounds or looks different. Then we go about figuring out how to structure that discovery into something others can enjoy.

This song from Sally Seltmann, "Harmony to My Heartbeat," was inspired by other artists. From the Phil Spector creative corner came the drumbeat and the pop-orchestral sense of grandeur. Fussing critics complain there is even a passing resemblance of the verse lyrics' structure as in Oasis' "Morning Glory." Then they complained the very start of the chorus was probably drawn straight from the Tommy James' "I Think We're Alone Now."

Do these critics have anything better to do than crush young artists when they are just getting started? So what if they were influenced by previous music artists? Those artists were as well and the next generation and the next generation will be as well. The real question at hand should be, "So, how does it sound and does it strike a heart chord with you?"

The point is that pop music is limited to a small group of components. It was revolutionary 50 years ago and it sounds like current music critics are bored with the genre after all this time. But hey, guys, don't take it out on the artists who are still in their exploring phase, working toward something great one day. Give them some elbow room at the table before you crowd them out.

Sally Seltmann is the former singer from New Buffalo. Right now, she is working with what is familiar to her and weaving them into something new to hear. Seltmann diverges from the Spector music because she is addressing the more adult sense of longing instead of teenage angst and longing. Tommy James was known for the need to escape while Seltmann is more settled and not fumbling like a fool. She isn't running blindly out of fear but rather more from the desire to quit waiting. This is a woman who knows what she wants out of life and isn't going to sit around any longer and wait for it to happen. She's running to it, instinctively recognizing her destination is close to her if only she will move in that direction. She possesses contentment for having acted with mindfulness.

From her time with New Buffalo:

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