02 June 2015

A Truth Journal: Beau Biden: He Gave Politics - And Humanity - A Good Name

Paul Sancya/AP/File - Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, who died Saturday, introduces his father, Vice President Joe Biden, at the Democratic National Convention in Denver in 2008

Read on for why this man was so exceptional and how you can benefit from his example.

A Truth Journal: Beau Biden: He Gave Politics - And Humanity - A Good Name: From Denny:  Beau Biden, a rare person in politics, government or anywhere:  he was known as a person of exceptionally good character.  Many of us are saddened at his passing as much as his family.  When we lose a person of such goodness and moral strength who spent his life in service to his country and his family we are all reminded of his example for all of us to do better.

One of those rare politicians given generous authentic praise from both sides of the aisle...

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