04 July 2014

Dennys World News: How World Governments Got Incompetent, June 2014: U.S., World News Links

BAGHDAD/ARBIL - Iraqi forces launched an airborne assault on rebel-held Tikrit on Thursday 
with commandos flown into a stadium in helicopters, at least one of which crashed 
after taking fire from insurgents who have seized northern cities. Source: Reuters

Dennys World News: June 2014: U.S., World News Links: From Denny:  Yes, I took a month off from posting.  It was interesting to observe how well the government and the Pentagon would do without me constantly fussing at them, pricking their bloated egos, prodding to action and offering solutions they usually adopted to some degree a few days later, trying not to be obvious they had no good ideas.

Sure rattled the Pentagon I took time away from posting any analysis.  "Where the hell is she?" demanded them of former Navy Seal Richard Marcinko, trying to scorch his butt for thinking he had not kept up with me.  They seem to be worried I'm too smart for them all - like a Snowden.  These guys have a long standing caustic military culture of trying to dominate what they don't understand, attempts to control what they are clueless about and then go ballistic when things don't go their way.  Yeah, we women are a mysterious bunch.  Women are the new Snowdens. :) Read on for more laughs ...

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15 May 2014

Dennys World News May 2014: U.S., World NEWS LINKS

English: Map of what was called New Russia dur...

Dennys World News May 2014: U.S., World NEWS LINKS:

*** updates daily ***  From Denny:  Back up blogging after weeks long onslaught of Russian cyberattacks on my blogs.  Oh, well, nothing like waiting them out and recircling like a proper yard cat.  A lot of fussing and cussing at Blogger and Google up on Twitter was also helpful.

Nor am I well impressed with the NSA and CIA gremlins still surveilling me because of my vociferous opinions about their police state tactics, especially against journalists.  These days, as a journalist, it's getting more difficult to tell the Good Guys Governments from the Bad Guys Governments because ALL of them are suppressing the Truth from every media outlet quarter, including bloggers.

Of course, you didn't think a little strong arming would stop me, now did you?...

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21 April 2014

A Truth Journal: Funny Late Nite Jokes: About Putin and Russia Attacking Ukraine

A Truth Journal: Funny Late Nite Jokes: About Putin and Russia Attacking Ukraine: From Denny: While Putin lies to the world about his storming Russian military doing land grabs and killing innocent people in Ukraine, well, we might as well see what the comics have to say about the situation - and this weird guy, otherwise known at our house as Prancing Putin...

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Keep Calm, Really? Potholder

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