17 July 2010

Cartoons: America and Immigration - 17 July 2010

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Found this funny photo over at a bizarro blog from the loony tunes Tea Party crowd

From Denny: Illegal immigration is a hot button issue with the border states. They are overrun with Mexican drug cartels who are so violent they carry their gun fights across the American border. The drug cartels find it "fashionable" to kidnap and kill Americans now. They put out kill contracts on American police officers. It's insane.

Caught up in the middle are the Mexican poor who scrambled across the border years ago, have worked quietly in America, and didn't cause any trouble. They are also under paid, without health insurance, living in fear of being deported. Somehow, America's lawmakers have to get serious about weeding out the regular people from the one million man army drug gangs who continue to plague police here and in Mexico.

At some point, those who have been in America as long as several years need some kind of path to citizenship so they can raise their heads and come out of the shadows. Living in fear is no way to live. Not for them or for American citizens plagued by drug cartels moving into America, thinking they can establish themselves as easily here as they have in Mexico.

America and the tangled complicated web of illegal Immigration:

Ed Stein

Chuck Asay

Henry Payne

Bruce Beattie

Referencing the now famous "F--k You!" manicure painted on actress Lindsey Lohan's fingernails while in court pretending to be sobbing in front of the judge:

Steve Kelley

Steve Benson

Walt Handelsman

Chris Britt

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