15 May 2010

Supreme Court Nominee Political Cartoons - 15 May 2010

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From Denny: Leave it to the Republicans to fuss about what they can't find to throw dirt onto Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan. They complain there is no controversial paper trail. Read that as she was smart in not openly talking about anything that could hurt her career down the road. Point up on the board for Kagan, zero for the Republicans.

In politics and Life, when other people are not talented or very smart - and are also jealous they can't control you - the next step is to proceed to character assassination. Now the conservative Republican talk radio guys are blasting the air waves that Kagan is supposedly gay. She has never married, so, according to their vicious minds, she must also be gay. Not one of those Republicans ever claimed to be critical thinkers or speakers of the truth. Question: Have any of them actually asked her if she was gay? Of course not.

The truth is for any attorney to fast track their career like Kagan has hers at such a young age they work outrageous hours to the tune of 100 or more a week. They wear out their health. If they have relationships they often lose them or end up in divorce. If they are looking for relationships there is no time to pursue them.

Calling her a homosexual is the usual cheap shot from the so-called Moral Majority Republicans. Like they lead upstanding lives. Rush Limbaugh is a known drug addict, liar and over five times married. And anyone takes his word to be truth for anything? The Republicans, conservatives, churchy Moral Majority have enough dirt in their own collective glass houses.

Senator Craig, still in office, goes cruising for five minutes sexual trysts with other men in airport restrooms - and he's too cowardly to tell his wife the truth about himself. Then there are those conservative crusading anti-gay homophobic Protestant ministers, like George Rekers, who are caught, literally, with their pants down consorting with male prostitutes they rented to "carry their luggage."

The political logic goes that if you have any honest decent and intelligent person up for any appointment by the Democrats then by all means lie and muddy the waters to confuse people about them. The truth is the public is no longer fooled or confused about the Republican dirty political tactics or claims of taking care of the middle class.

Republicans claim to be diverse yet deny a woman a seat on the Supreme Court. They send out their White Supremacist bloggers to lie about her some more on the web to stir up racist sentiment. The latest garbage coming out of that idiot sphere is there is some huge Jewish conspiracy to put her on the Supreme Court and deny white people their rights. Where do they get this perverted thinking??? When our government and societal leaders are willing to lie rather than speak the truth then their minds have descended into depravity and can no longer be trusted to make wise decisions for the public.

Listed here are both the pro and con cartoonists about Kagan's nomination. Notice how the Republican cartoonists draw Obama as a clown and Kagan as a butch gay. While cartooning at its heart is about exaggeration, the technique is usually combined with truth. It can also be used as subtle visual propaganda in the unscrupulous hands. Take a look and decide for yourself.

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