29 May 2010

Memorial Day Madness Cartoons - 29 May 2010

*** Memorial Day sentiments from national editorial cartoonists.

From Denny: The one day of the year set aside for the official remembering of our war dead from all the country's wars brings up a lot of memories for families. Everyone has a relative, a spouse, a neighbor, a friend lost to war.

It seems our civilian governments cannot always get their proverbial acts together in every generation. In almost every generation, about every 20 years, we send off our young men and women to fight a war that could have been prevented if our government leaders of the time had any wisdom in their negotiations. The nation's warriors have born the brunt of bad government decisions one after the other which only makes their ultimate sacrifice that much harder to bear.

I've stood on the ground of military graves from the Civil War to the Vietnam and Iraq Wars and the sadness is always the same. You can practically reach out and touch the life not long lived as there is such a mourning in those places.

This Memorial Day while you are running around busy on vacation, grilling in your back yard for family and guests, please take some time to lift your glasses to those who went before us to safeguard our sometimes frivolous way of life. These men and women deserve at least a little of our time more than once a year. Take time to remember them, who they were, what they did, and, most of all, how they lived.

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