11 May 2010

Dennys Funny Photo Gallery: The Nose Knows

From Denny: Today's post is all about our perception of noses: our dog's noses, our cat's noses, our noses of attraction and noses of battle, noses sleeping and noses saying, "I'm guilty as charged!"

Have you ever noticed when an insect lands on our nose or someone gets too close our eyes try to focus on it so much we look, well, ridiculous? It's funny how a cocked head and a slightly wrinkled and upturned nose can give away our guilt, whether we are a cat who ate the tuna or a person. The sleeping noses of dogs are favs with photographers for that exaggerated focus. Dogs are so accommodating even when we tease them about their noses.

Even included a silly photo I played with in PhotoShop of my golden tiger cat Curty Cartier when I wanted his usual sweet self to look more scary for a Halloween photo. Our pets can be so accommodating when it comes to taking photos of them... :) Take a look at how fellow photographers view their world from their nose perspective.

What the...? a flutterby! by kimrose... @ flickr

I smell something odd by Tambako the Jaguar @ flickr

Big Nose strikes again by buzusa @ flickr

Married people in a nose to nose stand off by Mr. Thomas @ flickr

Sleeping dog nose by lamcopphis @ flickr

What'd ya say? by jurvetson @ flickr

Up close and nose to nose with a caterpillar by eren thisvintagechica @ flickr

There's a huge bug on my nose by OakleyOriginals @ flickr

Having fun singing while you hold your nose by stevendepolo @ flickr

Huge horse nose by jurvetson @ flickr

Little ant miners on the smell hunt with thousands of tiny noses by jurvetson @ flickr

Piggy nose rest by me'n'thedogs @ flickr

Uh... you just noticed I got into the tuna on the counter... oops! Shrek the cat by llamnudds @ flickr

Nose spooning at a fancy restaurant by liquene @ flickr

Clowning around noses by Just me... @ flickr

Photo by Denny Lyon of Curty Cartier - with a little help from PhotoShop! :)

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