29 March 2009

THANK YOU! (and "me" photo)

Great Grandparents: Colba Lyon and Phoebe Jayne of
Martha, Lawrence, Kentucky, their wedding day in 1869.

Denny Lyon in 1980's indoor home portrait, Atlanta, Georgia


THANK YOU to everyone subscribing via feeds, email and coming from all over the web to view these great photos from friends on flickr and more!

What started out as a blog to say thank you to flickr photographers who placed their photos in creative commons for use by online writers like me has become something bigger.

This blog is also a home for genealogy photos I've restored over the years. After years of searching, it's pretty cool when you finally run into someone who has a photo of your great-great grandparents that your family line used to own but somehow changed hands over the generations. What's beautiful is how much a computer can restore old photos to near pristine to look like the photo shoot was just yesterday!

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