08 March 2009

Laugh Out Loud: Funny Sign Photos!

This photo by au_tiger01 @ flickr that wasn't in the article. These signs have a way of using the language...

The following photos will have you laughing out loud so hard your sides will hurt for days. I found these when doing research in the flickr database and decided to do an article just for fun.

You can read the short article and the comments or just look at the photos here. These were the best of the photos found.

There are still more good ones to see and you can find them on the photographer's page at flickr under au_tiger01. I put too many into the article as I was having so much fun! Hope you enjoy a good grin today!

Listed below are all the photos placed in online article - Signs of the Times: Funny Churches

Also placed on blogs:

The Social Poets

The Healing Waters

Thank you!
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