27 February 2013

Warriors Pearl Foundation: New Funny St. Patricks Day Design: Irish BS


Irish BS Men's Baseball Jersey

Warriors Pearl Foundation: New Funny St. Patricks Day Design: Irish BS: From Denny:  Ever heard of "Irish Obedience Training?"  Yeah, me neither!  Because we all know the Irish storytellers are irrepressible - and full of mischief like their fabled leprechauns.  Sport your amusing support of all the frivolity and green beer on St. Patrick's Day with this new look from denny lyon designs at Cafe Press.  Plenty of other products available in this design so you have plenty to choose from over at Denny Lyon Gifts!

The proceeds go to help support those groups who are housing and helping homeless female military veterans get off the streets.  Denny Lyon (yeah, that's me) is a journalist-blogger (so bored with homogenized news I started my own blogs just to entertain myself and my readers!), photographer and Louisiana artist intensely interested in social issues.

I saw a news report on NBC News, Nightly News with Brian Williams, about the more than 5,000 homeless female military vets that the Pentagon was not helping so I decided to start this fund raising effort over at Cafe Press (Denny Lyon Gifts) to help raise funds for the women.  The majority of these former female vets end up on the streets because of PTSD from being raped while serving in the military....


Irish BS Flask

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