05 March 2013

Obama Photo: Entering Bullet Proof Prez Limo, 5 March 2013

Photo by White House photographer Pete Souza

From Denny:  The life of a president is a world so far removed from the average citizen that sometimes the only way to understand it is through the White House photos.  This White House is more accomplished at releasing candid photos of the people in government as they go about the country's business than was the Bush White House.

The Bush era was forever about manipulating public opinion to the extreme they attempted to create one too many fairy tales for posterity - and it backfired.  While every White House likes to promote their brand, as does the Obama White House, this one is more on balance delivering the mundane moments to the public as well as the promotional.  Official White House photographer Pete Souza does an outstanding job capturing a constantly moving target in a myriad of situations from the campaign trail to the Oval Office meetings.

This one was taken today of President Obama as he arrived at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.  He was visiting service members to award two purple hearts.  Notice the narrow field of view composition to emotionally connect the viewer to the narrow emotional and physical spaces in which a president moves through their day.


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