16 January 2009

People: Robin's portrait in the trees

Photo by Denny Lyon

My friend Robin was just 19 years old here. Her favorite hobby was the Renaissance Festival and created her own costumes. She was six feet tall and yet didn't feel pretty.

So, since I was in my portrait and art phase I convinced her I could show her just how pretty she really was. We spent one fall afternoon at Stone Mountain, Georgia state park and the rest is history. She looked lovely and her confidence grew. That was in the mid-80's.

At this time I never used a flash for portraits whether they were indoors or outdoors. I just worked with the natural lighting no matter what the conditions. People are more relaxed to model for portraits too if you aren't sticking bright lights in their faces making them uncomfortable and artificial. This autumn light under the canopy of trees that early afternoon was soft and wonderful!
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