30 January 2009

People: Life rushing by...

Life rushing by..., originally uploaded by .craig.

Rush Hour
by Mark Gamble

Red cages crammed through the streets
Carrying suited stereotypes
To official offices at which the officiate
Cheery Children chirping in uniformed banter
Monotone motors ripping the air.

Subterranean caskets fly through tunnels
Managerial morons fighting for carriage
Halting and pushing, Ranting and raving
Muted mimes play at their act in silent pretence
Empowered electric's lighting the dark

Iron Horses flashing by houses
Bringing Business back to its heart
Slicing through towns, commuters on its back
Lovers lounging quietly in there own sweet sentiment
Wild whistling waking the day

Little coloured ants crawling the roads
Conveying the family furiously slow
Rolling on cautiously, coughing and spitting
Buskers play their tunes in lonesome laments
A brilliant ballet entertaining the sky.

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