27 January 2009

Nature: Never Judge a Book By Its Cover

by Ron Lynch Chalice

Sittin' thinkin' of yesterday
And the look in your eyes
I could see there was something hiding
Underneath your disguise
Many times I have felt your anger
And know the depths of your fears
But a thing I have never, ever seen
Is the color of your tears
What's goin' on, what's goin' on
Underneath your disguise

Lookin' back at how things have been
The past's so easy to see
I look ahead in imagination
At the way things could be
You're throwing up a wall around you
To hide your thoughts from the light

And my desire to penetrate you
Is it wrong or it right
I'm lookin' in ... into the smile
Underneath your disguise

My mind is filled with a million questions
I need to know how you are
Does your mask hide the deepest darkness
Or the light of a star
Sometimes I think I can almost touch you
And get under your skin
Other times I'm pushed back and shielded
From your secrets within
I've got to know, I've got to know
What's underneath your disguise

There was a time when you almost dropped it
This mask that you hide behind
But you caught yourself oh, so quickly
Were you afraid what I'd find
You've got to know you can't hide forever
Behind a face that's not real
Only you can free yourself
From this prison you feel
Or do you even know what's hiding
Underneath your disguise

Things are not what they seem
Is it real or a dream
Is it truth or lies
Underneath your disguise

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