14 October 2014

Dennys Food and Recipes: Fall Recipe: Breakfast Or Dessert Enjoy Spiced Golden Apples

Advocate staff photo by HEATHER MCCLELLAND -- For an extra-special breakfast or dessert, offer Golden Spiced Apples warm from the oven.
Photo: Heather McClelland/2TheAdvocate.com

Dennys Food and Recipes: Fall Recipe: Breakfast Or Dessert Enjoy Spiced Golden Apples: From Denny:  It's Autumn and time to enjoy cooking apple dishes!  What smells better than apples baking in the oven?  Talk about making the house smell good.

This is an easy dish to make for your family, one they will request often.  Our house prefers dark brown sugar in place of the usual white sugar, your choice, because both taste good.

Saigon cinnamon is quite an awesome choice too.  Found that at Whole Foods locally but I'm sure it's available at other stores in your area.  Just take the time to check.  Saigon cinnamon has more of the "cinnamon" taste and smell we all love, better than the generic cinnamon offered by most spice companies.  You will be familiar with it if you frequent coffee houses.

How much do you know about all the new varieties of apples?  Have you tried any of them?  Seems like there is always something new to explore at the grocery store.  Many of the new apples are crosses between two really outstanding varieties.  Hey, more is better, so why not!  Try picking up two new varieties on each grocery visit and then compare them for taste and texture. While there are over 100 apple varieties in the United States, we only see the best sellers at our grocery stores...

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