31 January 2011

Music: Hip Dueling Croatian Cellists Wail On Smooth Criminal By Michael Jackson

The perfect music of dancing toe-tapping joy to inspire you.  Updated:  7 March 2012 with American version of video allowed.

From Denny:  These guys win the unofficial award for most innovative use of a traditional centuries old instrument normally played for classical music. They remind me of a couple of Kentucky boys playing fast-paced country rock fiddles. Be sure to admire the "cello spin." :)

In fact, the country rock we know of today came from the old Scottish settlers of a few hundred years ago who brought over their violins. What they did then to play barn dances was to speed up the pace of the then current classical and folk music of the day to a 7/8 time and bam! instant fast beat to jump your little joy to all night long.

The reality is these are two very talented musicians. Luka Šulić has won major international cello competitions. Currently, he is studying at the Royal Academy in London as a student of Valter Dešpalj. He has performed all across Europe, Japan and South America. As a soloist he has enjoyed success making music with the Deutsche Radio Philharmonic, The Russian Symphony Orchestra, The Australian Chamber Orchestra, the Warsaw Philharmonic, The Slovenia Philharmonic, the Slovak Philharmonic and the Zagreb Soloists.

Stjepan Hauser studied under famed cellist, Mstislav Rostropovich, and was his last student. Hauser enjoys many first prize awards and performances in Europe, South Africa, New Zealand and the United States, London's Royal Albert Hall, Wigmore Hall, St. John Smith Square and St. Martin in the Fields. In Amsterdam he performed at Concertgebouw, St. George's in Bristol and the Pallazzo Vecchio in Florence. Hauser has even performed twice for the UK's Prince Charles in Buckingham Palace and St. James Palace. If you recall, Prince Charles used to play the cello, though not on this performance level so Hauser's visit must have been a real treat.

Luka Šulić and Stjepan Hauser combined their talents recently in 2010, working together in London. Their personalities are such fun and meld well together, creating this incredible synergistic energy. These two are definitely destined for great things because they are so full of charisma and magic.

Updated:  7 March 2012

This version is allowed (and is the same as the one below originally posted a year ago):

This version of the video is no longer available in America:

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