27 September 2014

A Truth Journal: Funny Whiner Russia To UN: "You Are Not The Boss Of Me!"

Vladimir Putin and Dobby.
Fellow WHINERS: Russia's Putin and Harry Potter's Dobby The House Elf

A Truth Journal: Funny Whiner Russia To UN: "You Are Not The Boss Of Me!": From Denny:  The Russians are so amusing, forever entertaining us.  The Russians are so desperate to be taken seriously on the world stage yet are failing miserably every time they open their noisy lying mouths, whether Putin speaks directly or sends out pathetic surrogates.

Russia continues to behave like the naughtiest child in the global family, content to receive negative attention, harsh discipline like sanctions and head-shaking disapproving dirty looks.  Yeah, read that as the world community is collectively giving Russia "The Stink Eye..."

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