11 January 2011

Most Popular Posts 2010 at The Soul Calendar

Check out the popular science stories this year that fascinated us like the volcanic explosions and earthquakes.

From Denny:  Thanks for all your support this year! What a year of massive planet wide geologic changes: polar glacial ice caps melting rapidly, high scale earthquakes in Haiti, Chile and around the world, volcanoes spewing lava high into the air in Iceland and Indonesia - stopping air travel. It's been a humbling year for the human race on planet Earth. Floods, blizzards, mudslides, oceans rising, the Earth is changing and we are here to witness it.

Just this December we got to see the first lunar eclipse on a Winter Solstice, the first in almost 500 years.  The next one is scheduled for 2094.  Here in my region of the world we experienced the British Petroleum Oil Spill Disaster.  As usual Big Business and the governments like America and Britain have shafted the locals who have gone bankrupt, personal and business.  The millions of barrels of oil still lurks on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico and continues to wash ashore.  There are now light orange alligators found off the coast of Florida.

Here in Louisiana BP's oil spill devastated our fishing industry, killing the oyster beds and safe fishing grounds for everything from shrimp and spillway crawfish to salt water fish.  The fishing industry has declined by 70 percent with no help from BP or our federal government.  Big Business is just plain greedy and refuses to take care of the planet and future generations.

Out of this oil spill disaster has come some interesting ideas of how to clean up future oil spills.  More ideas abound for new types of alternative fuels using the ocean to help produce it.  Humanity can be innovative and creative if we just curb our greed to use our resources faster than we can replace them.

Take a look around.  There are plenty of humor posts too and lots of technology cartoons for a grin.

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