10 September 2010

Dennys Photo Gallery: Swinging Good Fun!

Check out some wonderful photos from around the world validating how much we all have in common as children: we love to swing!

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Single boy on long swing black and white photo by Divine in the Daily @ flickr

From Denny: Sorry it took me so long to get back up online this past week. I changed internet providers and it was the earliest they could get me installed. So far it's turned out to be a big plus! But it sure has put me behind on daily posting on one blog and twice a week posting on the other seven. :)

When I write poetry I like to illustrate the poems with photography so I go cruising through the Creative Commons area of Flickr for fun photos and new photographers to promote - whether they are amateurs or professionals. I'm a big fan of promoting others as well as my own work as everybody wins in my book. Besides, it's great fun to poke around the web and see all the creative goodies that other people are doing too and it gives me ideas for my own creativity.

Among these photos are those placed in this week's poem. Take a look at the poem after you view this post and see how your perception grows or changes perspective as the photos interplay with the words of the poem story:

The Understanding poem - Libations Friday 10 Sept 2010 - We build Peace in our lives a moment at a time - and this is a poem story of how it can start early in childhood as it did for me.

Blonde girl and boy swinging high photo by wsilver @ flickr

Swinging high on a perilous rope swing photo by wsilver @ flickr

Guatemalan Swing photo by Drew Coffman @ flickr

Hanging onto a rope swing photo by Creap @ flickr (Jacob Rask)

Empty swing at Navajo nation in Arizona photo by shulamit0903 @ flickr

Little boys in Iraq on swings and playground provided by America photo by The U.S. Army @ flickr

FORWARD OPERATING BASE FALCON, Iraq - Two Iraqi children enjoy a new swing set Oct. 27 at the Al-Akmar Kindergarten School in the Mechaniks neighborhood in southern Baghdadís Rashid district. Soldiers from 1st Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, Multi-National Division ñ Baghdad, coordinated with both neighborhood and school leaders to acquire new playground equipment and school supplies.

(U.S. Army photo by Sgt. David Hodge, 1st BCT PAO, 4th Inf. Div., MND-B)

Sweet as sugar on the summer swings photo by purplbutrfly @ flickr

Great fun swinging high "Weeee!" photo by annnna_ @ flickr

Child's shadow as he swings photo by miamism @ flickr

Swinging in pink photo by Johan Larsson @ flickr

Feet dangling off a swing photo by timsamoff @ flickr

Pensive watching my shadow while swinging photo by eBomb716 @ flickr

Mom swinging child in the air photo by gagilas @ flickr

Jumping Jack and ensuing sand fart while jumping off swing photo by wsilver @ flickr

Swinging in colorful winter boots photo by Yellow Snow Photography @ flickr

Brunette girl posing on still swing photo by Brittany ((Halo)) @ flickr

Girl in red dress swinging photo by anthrovik @ flickr

Empty swing by the tree of battle photo by Robb North (a Canadian photographer) @ flickr

*** Check out what you can do with photos to illustrate your poem as I used several of these for the following poem:

The Understanding poem - Libations Friday 10 Sept 2010 - We build Peace in our lives a moment at a time - and this is a poem story of how it can start early in childhood as it did for me.

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