17 September 2010

Dennys Photo Gallery: Our Mysterious Moon

The moon continues to fascinate humanity - and creative photographers.

From Denny: For those of you familiar with this blog you know I've been on another "rest my brain from writing vacation" and tripping through the flickr database finding awesome photos! Take a look at what I found this week while I was searching for photos to illustrate a poem. One post always seems to lead to yet another.

What beauty in these wonderful photos! Included are any interesting comments from the photographers. I enlarged the photos so you can enjoy the emotional impact as well - so give them time to load if your connection or the web is a bit slow. They are well worth the wait.

Crow and full moon photo by *L*u*z*A* @ flickr - taken in Columbia, South America, 1 July 2007

London night panorama photo by Dimitry B @ flickr - "View from the end of Millenium Bridge. The camera was resting on the only bit of bridge which doens't shake because of runners, bikes and wind gusts.

Moon rising above the Southwark Bridge. City landmarks and the new City are visible in the distance. Street lights are reflecting in the thames.

Southwark Bridge is an arch bridge for traffic linking Southwark and the City across the River Thames, in London, England. It was designed by Ernest George and Basil Mott and opened in 1921. The bridge is owned and maintained by Bridge House Estates, a charitable trust overseen by the Corporation of London."

Mourning moon photo by TheDreamSky @ flickr - taken in Kathmandu valley, Nepal .

Puerto Madero and Big Moon photo by Irargerich @ flickr - taken in Argentina

Harvest moon photo by joiseyshowaa @ flickr - taken in New Jersey

Moon beam photo by James Jordan @ flickr - "Totally Photoshopped, but I like it. Moon pic was snapped last night. Lighthouse (Wind Point, Racine, Wisconsin) is from last year."

Moon lamp photo by RaSeLaSeD - ll Pinguino @ flickr - taken in Rome, Italy, near Vatican City

Wolf Moon photo by uteart @ flickr - "29 Jan 2010 - The biggest and brightest full moon of the year! This being the first full moon of 2010, it is also known as the wolf moon, a moniker dating back to Native American culture and the notion that hungry wolves howled at the full moon on cold winter nights.

This moon is about 14 percent wider and 30 percent brighter than lesser full Moons of the year, according to Spaceweather.com."

Searching for moon dust photo by NASA Goddard Photo and Video @ flickr - "NASA image release June 10, 2010

This is a picture of coronal and zodiacal light (CZL) taken with the Clementine spacecraft, when the sun was behind the moon. The white area on the edge of the moon is the CZL, and the bright dot at the top is the planet Venus. Credit: NASA/GSFC.

To learn more go to: www.nasa.gov/centers/goddard/news/features/2010/lhg.html.

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center is home to the nation's largest organization of combined scientists, engineers and technologists that build spacecraft, instruments and new technology to study the Earth, the sun, our solar system, and the universe."

Silhouette against Yangshuo Moon in China photo by johey24 @ flickr - "A cormorant fisherman rows his little bamboo boat against the backdrop of a giant moon on the Li River, Yangshuo, China. This was during a brilliant one hour show of dance, song and culture performed on the water by these locals. The fishing Industry is basically in crisis due to overfishing, and this performance put on by local fisherman at night supplements their income."

Shifting moon photo by fdecomite @ flickr - "Three consecutive days of close conjunction between the Moon and Venus, taken on 19 April 2007"

Fairy tale moon photo by davedehetre @ flickr - taken in Kansas

Bluest full moon photo by wolfpix @ flickr - taken in California

Wedding moon dance photo by Memotions @ flickr - taken in Canada

Dancing crescent moon photo by hortulus @ flickr - taken in California

Full moon sparkling over the city bowl photo by alistair pott @ flickr - taken in South Africa

Earth and moon partner photo by Bluedharma @ flickr

Harvest moon ducks photo by joiseyshowaa @ flickr - taken in Colorado

*** To view how some of these photos were used in a poem:

Waking The Day poem - Libations Friday 17 Sept 2010 - When the day - and I - awaken, present in the moment.

*** Or the version with spiritual symbolism explained:

A Healing Spiritual Poem: Waking The Day - Spiritual symbolism is all around us in our daily life, ready to help heal and balance.

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