25 September 2010

Cartoons About Our American Economy - 25 Sept 2010

Check out cartoonist opinions this week on the state of the American economy.

From Denny:  It's amazing how strident the voices of reason have to grow louder and louder before our tone deaf politicians finally hear us. We should have elections every 30 days as that's about the only way we would get really good government. If they had to prove to the American people every month why they should get to keep their job perhaps we would never be in the mess we are in today. Politicians would start growing a long term view of stabilizing this country.

That said, cartoonists always slice and dice the "spinning" lies told by propaganda media like Glenn Beck Entertainment, Inc., Fox News and the corporate Democratic spin doctors.  The national cartoonists open a window for the truth to finally be seen. Take a look at this week's offerings from our humorous friends who have a way with visual opinion.

John Sherffius

Bill Day

Jack Ohman

Lisa Benson

Bruce Beattie

Lisa Benson

Jeff Stahler

Robert Ariail

Jeff Stahler

Jerry Holbert

Jeff Stahler

Gary Varvel

Drew Sheneman

Gary Varvel

Rob Rogers

Gary Varvel

Chip Bok

Gary Varvel

Gary Markstein

Mike Luckovich

Gary Varvel

Ed Stein

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