11 January 2010

03 Solar Wind

03 Solar Wind, originally uploaded by Image Editor.

The solar wind, a plasma, is a stream of charged particles formed from systems of electrical currents within the sun's corona and behaves like an electrically conducting fluid.

The solar wind generated by our sun carries about one million tons of hot plasma, electrically-charged gas particles, at a temperature of about 100,000 Kelvins, radially outward in every direction from the sun every second.

These solar wind streams are carried at different speeds varying from 300 to 1000 km/sec and have a density between 1 and 10 particles/cm3.

The image is modified from one of NASA's images.

The image was created for a SciTechLab.com blog post on the Northern Lights.

Uploaded by Image Editor on 1 Sep 08, 11.00PM CST.

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