10 May 2009

Flowers: Happy Mummy's Day...!!! :)

From a wonderful French nature photographer, Denis Collette, he sends all mothers a wonderful floral portrait:

"Bonne Fête des Mères...!!!

The first lilies in the garden...!!!

An impressionnist photo safari concentrated mainly on a daily basis (or almost) on my small piece of planet of 55 000 square feet…!!! A Thoreau "waldennienne" approach…!!!

Un safari photo impressioniste au quotidien concentré essentiellement (ou presque) sur un petit morceau de planète de 55 000 pieds carrés…!!! Une démarche "waldennienne" à la Thoreau…!!!

Uploaded by Denis Collette...!!! on 10 May 09, 5.30PM CDT."

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