18 May 2009

Animals: Awe beats "Awwwwww..."

Awe beats "Awwwwww...", originally uploaded by lepiaf.geo.

From Denny: I still have the Preakness and the Kentucky Derby on my mind and Louisiana's jockey Calvin Borel - winning on two different horses!

At the Preakness the first filly to win in 70 years! Women across America are delirious with joy. We know how difficult it is to win in a man's world.

Take a look at this horse. At first glance you don't realize how really big is this animal - until you notice the man standing next to him, whoa, now that's a big horse!

From the photographer: "If ever I saw grace and force coupled up in grand, majestic size, this would be it.

Uploaded by lepiaf.geo on 17 May 09, 11.05PM CDT."

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