31 May 2009

Animals: Honoring Great Blue Herons collage

Wonderful tribute to an awesome huge bird that is quickly losing habitat. Go to this photographer's page to see what you can do to help in conservation.

"Herons are rapidly losing marsh land to habitat development and degradation. We are celebrating them in the Honoring Great Blue Herons discussion at the VOICES IN THE WILDERNESS: A Prayer for Wild Things group! This mosaic was made from some of the contributions of flickr members who love these beautiful birds. Please go read about Stonebird's fears that Great-blue Heron Heronry of Marina del Rey is at risk and in danger of being lost forever, jeopardizing the future of the Great-blue Herons that depend on it. Feel free to come join us and add your heron photos to this discussion.
Thank you all so much for your contributions!!

1. Great Blue Heron silhouette at sunrise, 2. Precision - GBH @ Centennial Lake, Columbia Maryland 2006, 3. Suppertime!, 4. Blue Heron, 5. Blue Heron, 6. watching the sunrise, 7. I can see you, 8. Ta da!, 9. Great (Falls) Blue Heron, 10. Surprise Visit!, 11. Hey! Get off my back birdie! (Heron vs. Black Bird), 12. Great Blue Heron, 13. On alert..., 14. Stalker, 15. Great Blue up close, 16. Notorious B.R.D., 17. Poor Fishy, 18. Great Blue Heron, 19. Great Blue Heron, 20. Bathtime For Heron, 21. Closest...., 22. Heron Arrival, 23. The Two Headed Great Blue Heron, 24. Great Blue Heron, The Strike, 25. Great Blue Heron - Feed Me!, 26. GBH doing a swan imitation, 27. Blue heron at twilight, 28. Sunday Morning Meditation, 29. Wading In, 30. Blue Heron's Slow Pass, 31. Like to join me for dinner ??, 32. Ready for the kill, 33. Heron - Hilton Head, 34. Great Blue Heron close-up, 35. Great Blue Heron Striking, 36. Great Blue Heron with four chicks

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