29 May 2009

Article: Popping Portraits, How and Why

Photo by Derrick T @ flickr

From Denny: This guy, David Tong of David's Simple Photography, writes some very good articles on photography, easy enough for a beginner to understand and enjoy!

Here's an excerpt: "This article is for beginners or for those who haven’t bought an expensive telephoto lens or wide aperture lens.

For many, a photograph where the subject is sharp while the background is completely out-of-focus is what they consider an “advanced” photograph that can’t be done with consumer cameras or lenses.

Many people assume that you’re required to own either a long telephoto lens or a very wide aperture lens in order to do so. That premise is partially correct, owning either or a combination of those two lens features will give you that look you’re after, but without the knowledge of how it is achieved, you’ll be spending needlessly for something that can be done with your existing equipment."

Good advice, don't you think? For the rest of his article showing you how to achieve a good portrait, just click on the title link to take you to his website!

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