09 February 2015

A Truth Journal: Swift Boating POW Bergdahl: Smelly Pentagon War Crimes Cover-Up?

bowe bergdahl
Afghan War POW Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl

A Truth Journal: Swift Boating POW Bergdahl: Smelly Pentagon War Crimes Cover-Up?: From Denny:  Well, blabbermouth Fox "News" is drooling at the prospect of destroying a recently returned POW - and they are doing it with malicious glee.  Fox News has always had the reputation as Swift Boaters, quick to lie about others, when an accounting of all of the facts proves them inaccurate time and again.  Their military "sources" - read that as pals who are partners in crime - at the Pentagon planted this story with Fox "News" of how the Pentagon wants to charge POW Bergdahl with desertion.

You see, according to Fox "News" the Pentagon sees this as a "win-win."  The Pentagon got it in their little pointed heads that if they send out a retired military guy to spout their stupidity that it doesn't really count against them.  Seriously?  What drugs are these guys taking that so badly clouds good judgment?

The Pentagon political animals know they can only plant stories as trial balloons with Fox "News" because any other responsible news agency or network would start with the barrage of questions to flesh out the story in its entirety.  The Pentagon knows Fox "News" doesn't have any allegiance to compassion for POW Bergdahl - or the Truth. 

Of course, Rupert Murdock, owner of Fox "News," is known for lying and stirring the pot to promote yet more lies to get market share derived from the manufactured controversy.  Like any yellow "journalism" tabloid owner Murdock knows if he tells the lies often enough and loudly enough, eventually the mainstream media will pick up his manufactured story, achieving what Murdock wanted all along: big profits.

Murdock and the fools that follow after him to do his bidding really don't care about how many lives they destroy along the way.  For them character assassination is their daily stock and trade.  Obviously, they treat harming others like it's a malicious extreme sport.  Tabloid "reporters" are the bullies in the news services...
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