09 February 2014

A Truth Journal: Check Out Colbert Report Features Indie Band Lake Street Dive

Holiday Cheer 2012: Lake Street Dive
Holiday Cheer 2012: Lake Street Dive (Photo credit: wfuv)

A Truth Journal: Check Out Colbert Report Features Indie Band Lake Street Dive: 3 videos - and interview with band members.

From Denny:
 While Al-Qaeda whines about how other terrorist groups [in addition to them] are fighting each other in Syria and behaving badly, the Colbert Bump is in full swing back here in America.

Oh, come on, Sec. of State Kerry and President Obama, just sit back and wait for all those terrorists coalescing in Syria to thrash it out until there are fewer groups.  Then you send in the drones.  Let these guys do your work for you.

Look at it this way:  Stupid is as stupid does.  Terrorist groups continue to mass in Syria.  Well, we sure know where to find them.  It will be like shooting fish in a barrel.  At least the IC should be tagging and identifying these now easy to find terrorists.

Meanwhile, rather than write yet another political post and yell at the TV news tonight, our house switched over to Colbert Report and found this awesome indie music group.  These folks will definitely benefit from the Colbert Bump.  But, you know what, they have game - and lots of it.

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