17 October 2012

A Truth Journal: Laugh: Jon Stewart Tells It Like It Is About VP Debate

Host Jon Stewart in the studio of The Daily Sh...

A Truth Journal: Laugh: Jon Stewart Tells It Like It Is About VP Debate: From Denny:  Junkyard dog VP Joe Biden smacked down his snarky Republican opponent, Paul Ryan, in the first few nano seconds of the debate.

Then Biden picked up the dazed talking parrot and slammed him against the barn door for lying every time he opened his mouth with phony statistics and fantasy GOP sponsored "studies."  Debate done; Biden won hands down.  We were all cheering at our house as this was the best TV we had seen in years.

Just check out all the funny news clips Jon Stewart collected from the sore loser side, the Republicans.  These three video clips are hilarious; the truth revealed in fast time.  The best is how Stewart took my fellow journalists to task for some really childish reporting, something I've fussed about for years.

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