14 August 2010

Tea Party, Republican, Gay Marriage Cartoons - 14 Aug 2010

*** Check out the usual amusing rantings from the far-right-gone-over-the-edge-crazy.

From Denny: Some of these bigoted people really should take a look in the mirror when they are screaming and yelling their hate. Maybe if they saw just how really awful they looked they might reconsider their behavior and attitude.

Besides, it's quite telling what Jesus Christ never chose to speak about: homosexuality. His one rule was to love everyone - even when you don't agree with them, their views or their life styles. Besides, if you are truly a person of faith you have enough sense to understand that what a person is today may change and grow over time. So give your fellow man some time and personal space to grow - and quit crowding them.

Just what are they so scared about anyway? Like gays are going to take over the world? Come on. Gay have and always will be a small minority. Why so nasty to not allow fellow human beings to have their civil rights? No one said your religion had to approve of the life style.

All this means is that gays get the same rights as any one else to be first class citizens in their own country. Why is that such a bad thing? Besides, gays have been in the world since time began and probably will be here after time stops. OK, maybe we should consult the Mayans on that one, because maybe none of us will be here - for any of this fussing and cussing to matter. :)

Tea Party Dance with the Republican suitors:

Bill Day

Steve Benson

Ed Stein

Steve Sack

Robert Ariail

And from the Xenophobic crowd on immigration...

Bill Day

Here's how the Republicans regard the new Justice Elena Kagan - just because she is a Democrat and thoughtful thinker. They should be cartooning the Republican Justices in this manner because they are the ones who got behind Bush and pushed trillions of dollars of debt onto American taxpayers:

Henry Payne

Lisa Benson

Jeff Stahler

Gay Marriage Cartoons:

Mike Luckovich

Nick Anderson

Rob Rogers

MIke Thompson

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*** Bozo Sapien Award photo by I'm Fantastic @ flickr

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