06 August 2010

Funny Photos: How Your Brain Can Be Fooled

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*** Funny photos that prove how easy it is to fool your brain into interpreting a photo to mean something other than is actually true.

And the headless wonder wins the competition - again! Now that's one seriously stretched out athlete.

Preaching the Gospel of Sweets

Talk about reading yourself into the magazine's story line...

You, too, can appear as a leader on your country's money. Talk about increasing your net worth

And the long arm of the law reaches out to judge the soccer play...

OK, buddy, just how many legs do you have that are, well, yours?

Either that cat has a really long neck - or there are two cats here!

Everyone lifting their legs - each for a different reason we hope...

Is she blowing smoke because she is smoking a cigarette or because the ray of sunlight lit her on fire...? The brain wonders how to interpret.

Beyond words in the "reflective category"

A little creepy here, trying to, well, you know...

What a show off - or liar, liar, pants on fire

The typical life of the party guy - the one with the lamp shade on his head trying to look nonchalant

Talk about preferring older men... older men are supposed to be wiser, but this ancient?

Don't you just love Photoshop? You can be a super hero any time

Awww, now, come on, talk about bragging rights

Feel like a game of Hoops in the square?

Here's looking at you, babe!

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