25 April 2010

Happy Birthday to Our Humanitarian Friend Peter

Happy Birthday cake by Omer Wazir @ flickr

From Denny: A very Happy Birthday to a cool friend of ours we met in Austria on a visit to Europe. He has a wonderful love for people - especially troubled people in transition in their lives. He has worked with people suffering from severe depression and suicidal - which is rampant in Austria. He also works with those who struggle with addictions and with single mothers who need to know someone is there to encourage them.

Peter is a joyful loving spirit, always ready to lend a hand to others. Today we celebrate the day he was sent to Earth as a humble humanitarian. He is not a rich philanthropist who gives of his money and gets lauded by the socialite community. Peter is a simple person who gives of himself and his time. He is an example of what any of us can do to make the world a better place. Happy Birthday, Peter of Austria!

Lots of candles birthday cake by dee m @ flickr

May you have many more birthdays with so many candles on the cake your neighbors will have to call the fire department to come extinguish the flames. :)

Happy Birthday candles burning down the house by ritchielee @ flickr

Children blowing out candles on birthday cake way back in 1934 - some things never change! by Foxtongue @ flickr

May you have many loved ones around you as you celebrate your special day - a day of which many people are glad you are here because of how you have touched and impacted their lives to the good!

Chocolate birthday cake message by zappowbang @ flickr

A "Happy Birthday" message is always best written in chocolate cake - my favorite cake to give you if we were there to throw you a birthday party.

Funny dogs trying to grab some birthday cake food for themselves by Just Jefa @ flickr

Make sure no family dogs are close by to steal your delicious birthday cake! :) (Austrians love dogs like Americans do.)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Peter, and many more to you!!!

Love, From Your Friends in America...

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