27 April 2010

Dennys Photo Gallery: Life is Just Plain Funny

From Denny: While on one of my famous "coffee breaks" where I go tripping through the flickr Creative Commons database for interesting photos to rest my mind, relax and drink in visually - I put together this theme for you to enjoy with me! :) It is funny how animals and their silly ideas or just silly selves can provide hours of amusement for people. Of course, that might actually be a commentary upon us...

Make sure you check out the various photographers and the links to their pages over at flickr. There is plenty more humor to be explored with them, enjoy!

Ah, the endless joys of PhotoShop. Swine flu by The Artifex @ flickr

I told you it's time for dinner! Get yourselves in this house this instant, NOW! Yawn by Andrew Ciscel @ flickr

Photographer: I'm sitting in a presentation this morning and the kid in front of me has got this awesome 'fro blocking my view. What else am I to do? Photo by Robert S. Donovan @ flickr

This was a clever double meaning riding around the city on the side of a bus. It is amusing how funny photos and situations can literally drive on past us in our daily life. Quick! Pull out the camera and capture it! Scratch winners on the bus by Andrew Ciscel @ flickr

Here's another funny juxtaposition. While the owner comfortably reads in the background the cat is oh, so comfortable too in the foreground, lounging rather lazily. Cat gelling while mom reads a book by Andrew Ciscel @ flickr

I had a cat that I used to carry around on my forearm from the time she was a tiny kitten. When she was grown she still expected me to pick her up and carry her like that. At ten pounds the old girl was getting to be a bit of a load and she needed to go on a diet. It was her human perch and she loved it like a kid demands to be pushed higher and higher while on a playground swing. Looks like this lady had a better solution and invented a hitchhiker cat backpack. Lazy hitchhiker by Andrew Ciscel @ flickr

Talk about filthy. I don't even want to see the inside of that vehicle... Dirt is fun by Misserion @ flickr

Was this dog riding in the back of that filthy vehicle? Sure looks like he thought it was great fun! It is the same photographer, hmmm... Bath time with Mr. Muddy Mess by Misserion @ flickr

What all little boys want to grow up to look like to attract the ladies... Impressive! Photo by aleske @ flickr

This photographer often captures the humor in real life. Make up your mind already - is it Yes or No? by P/\UL @ flickr

Gus simply has no dignity (and he looks a bit like the Easter Bunny) by firepile @ flickr

Odd Alert: Wooden swan seen swilling coffee at local coffeehouse Photo by liber @ flickr

Scary spider well armed and ready for battle by slopjop @ flickr

You are waaaay too close, buddy! by blhphotography @ flickr

I love this one. Look closely. This lizard is not just sunning himself on a green twig. This twig has lettering on it. Yep! That's a high voltage tension wire that lizard is catching some sun rays on up there! He must be getting quite the buzzing sensation like it's his very own massage chair. Photo by JBEwing @ flickr

Wasp in my coffee - hey! save some for me! Photo by slopjop @ flickr

Get out of here - this is my garden you fools! Photo by foxypar4 @ flickr

Birthday cake stealing hounds by Just Jefa @ flickr

Did you ever have just "one of those days"? Or decide to "let sleeping dogs lie..." Photo by faith goble @ flickr

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