24 July 2009

Summer Dreams: Do You Still Dream?

Do You Still Dream?, originally uploaded by zenera.

From Denny: I like to do flickr searches and today it was on "summer dreams" and I'm posting all the goodies! This one came with a bonus poem too!

From the photographer:

Do You Still Dream?



Chris Rea › Do You Still Dream?

Do you still dream of summer nights
The endless roads between the distant lights
Do you still find yourself
On strange and long highways
Drifting into unknown phase

Do you still dream of summer days
The sunlight dancing on white rolling waves
The everlasting taste of innocent desire
The atom splitting of its fire

Do you still dream?

Do you see that tunnel showing any sign of light
Does fear still wake you in the night

Do you still dream?

Uploaded by zenera on 14 Oct 06, 1.57PM CDT.

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